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Mission: To become the world leader in LGBTQ travel accommodations, providing welcoming and affordable places to stay with community cohorts who provide camaraderie and the “inside scoop”.

Francois de Landes
VP IT and Operations, misterb&b
Andy Cramer, CEO of Alternative Spaces, and I have developed an extraordinary working relationship over the past five years.

He undoubtedly has our best interests in mind. Andy helped with our strategic scaling opportunities, sent us our CTO, with his marketplace experience suggested solutions to add inventory for available guest accommodations, and assisted us as we moved through COVID and the war with Russia.

Andy is in constant contact with me. He consistently adds his knowledge, expertise, contacts, and support to misterb&b’s benefit. I highly recommend working with him and his team. They will ensure you get the best programmers, that project milestones are completed on time without errors, and the benefit of his wisdom as a veteran CEO.
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Mission: to create an LGBTQ entrepreneurial online community where members have tools to collaborate to build great businesses and great leaders.

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Mission: To rethink, rebuild, and reivent the experience fans have with the business properties they are most passionate about.

Whether these are television shows, films, sprots, music, or band name product, fans are the foundation of any property's success.

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Mission: To assemble a free, safe, and anonymous online community for caregivers and provide the technology to find and connect regarding highly specific and sensitive issues.

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