Understanding the project

To reinvent the experience fans have with the properties they're most passionate about. Whether these are television shows, films, sports, music, or brand name products, fans are the foundation of any property's success. The more the fan wants to interact with supporting content, the more influence they exert with regard to market awareness.

Tomorrow Worlds WorldEngine Apps are the Right Medium

Currently, few properties interact with their best fans as deeply as they could, combining all lifestyle and informational collateral in a central location.

Posting videos to YouTube, images to Flickr, and social media pages don't support sales, nor do they keep this valuable collateral the control and influence of the company that produces it.

Companies benefit most from a dedicated medium that allows them to share special featured content, learn from fan interaction, publish events, and monetize the relationship built with their fans.

Tomorrow Worlds Apps deploys a delivery mechanism that creates an immersive "world" that fans will be drawn to and that extend the value of the property itself.

Tomorrow World's first product, the WorldEngine™ makes it easy to integrate a variety of special features into exciting, and unique presentations. This app immediately becomes the best and most authoritative guide for any lifestyle product or service, or entertainment production.

Tomorrow Worlds WorldEngine Shakespeare World

Our first production, Shakespeare World, demonstrates all of these features, including a custom 3-dimensional interface of the Globe Theatre, time-synced day and night to its location in London, England. Through this interface, fans of Shakespeare and his "world" can access the many kinds of films, book, videos, and apps, created around his works. It includes a backstage area for materials relating to the production of many films, theater productions, and television series, as well as biographic information on characters, actors, and, of course, Shakespeare, himself.

Tomorrow Worlds WorldEngine The production ensures that all elements are supportive in extending that property's "world" or brand.

Tomorrow Worlds WorldEngine Owning the customer

Companies that own their customers have the opportunity to increase their value over time.

is reinventing a fan club using today's technology; sharing special collateral and offers to "members" of a fan base to build longer-lasting, more influential relationships.

Strategic goals

  1. To produce an iOS application that contains the full scope of information about Shakespeare's works, including a virtual tour to the Globe Theatre that serves as the foundation for the app.
  2. To fully integrate social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other popular social media sites.
  3. To provide an experience that creates the illusion of time-travel, bringing the viewer to a well-known historical place, offering everything Shakespeare and his world.
  4. To work collaboratively with the client to include 3D animation, adjustable lighting and other collateral required to make the application appear real and immersive.
  5. To produce an application that can be enjoyed in-depth, regardless of Internet connectivity.

Tomorrow Worlds WorldEngine

Strategic solutions:

  1. Our team developed the app and partially participated in the app's design. The customer provided the 3D model of the Globe Theatre. Our designers and UX experts modified it according to Apple's guidelines for the best implementation of the iOS app.
  2. Using APIs into the social media sites, fully functional feeds were integrated to produce a stream of real-time relevant social media content.
  3. The key feature of the app was the ability to realistically use a finger to move around the Globe Theater, combined with 3D renderings that include doors and banners that open into new areas of interest.
  4. The client provided extensive collateral about Shakespeare including plays and sonnets, articles about the dramatist, photos featuring theatrical performances based on his plays, images from films, games and music.
  5. The app has an offline mode, ensuring a good experience regardless of the Internet connection. The latest content gets uploaded onto the tablet while the app is being downloaded.

The Result

A visually stimulating iOS application that plunges the viewer into a virtual tour to the Globe Theatre, to serve as the foundational element. The content is extensive and has been programmed to allow it to grow and automatically update ince it contains the full scope of information about Shakespeare's works, including a virtual tour to the Globe Theatre that serves as the foundation for the app.