Custom Web Based Application Development Services

What Is a Web-Based Application?

From a broad perspective, a web-based application is any application that uses a website as the front-end, allowing users to access the application from any device. This is in direct contrast to conventional software applications, which need to be manually downloaded by the user onto their device. The advantages of this software are providing users with greater flexibility in access, the ability to roll-out updates and patches via the cloud, and greater overall functionality.

Companies such as Google have championed the web-based application industry, using the Chrome browser platform to facilitate the creation of open-source web application development which can be utilized by companies looking to target these digital users. Alternatively, organizations have the option of utilizing the services of a dedicated web application developer to create fully-integrated online solutions beyond what is possible independently

Alternative Spaces has experience working with the numerous web frameworks and programming languages required to build comprehensive web apps, including (but not limited to): PHP Frameworks, Django Python Framework and Ruby on Rails. We understand that our clients often do not have a background in programming, and therefore are looking for a consultative approach at choosing appropriate framework and to web application development itself. Our team of project management experts, paired with our plethora of technical expertise, allows us to develop a comprehensive web application development plan; backed by our entire web app development team.

While providing our application development services, we seek to work closely with our clients, listening to their unique goals and objectives, and maintaining constant communication as the development process progresses to ensure that all progress is aligned with your needs.

Why Web-Based Applications?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider a custom web app as part of your organizational digital strategy. At Alternative Spaces, we recognize the advantages and flexibility that web application development provides, in terms of an optimized user interface and truly turn-key development environment. Below we have accumulated some of the primary reasons organizations choose to contract the development of a web-based application:

Why Choose Alternative Spaces?

With so many web-based application developers out there, you are probably wondering why you should elect to work with us rather than one of our competitors. The answer is simple. Our team is more than a simple tech contractor. In fact, we take a truly consultative approach to web app development, considering your broader organizational objectives to help devise a comprehensive development plan that best suits the needs of your organization. Many other developer agencies simply seek to build the hardware and move on, often leaving the client with a poor understanding of the application.

Our team realizes that your digital strategy is important, and therefore it is critical that your project management team be kept in the loop regarding the web application development process, and also that they have access to the necessary information required to facilitate future maintenance, upgrades, and other changes.

If that doesn’t convince you, we implore you to explore our portfolio of past work to determine whether our team would be a good fit for your organization. We are certainly not a one-trick pony, and have working with organizations, big and small, across numerous different industries to develop highly-functional solutions that deliver tangible results, according to your goals. Our team prides itself on customer service, and we want to ensure that regardless of how long it takes, you walk away with an application that you are proud to put your organizational name on.

To learn more about our web application development services and how our web app developers can help you take your digital consumer experience to the next step, whether via web-based application, mobile app, or a comprehensive digital experience; get in touch with one of our web services consultants here to set up an initial consultation. We can guarantee that regardless of your needs, we have the skill, expertise, and manpower required to undertake your desired project within a reasonable timeframe.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you.

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