Understanding the project

To build an outsourced technology team, capable of working daily with an internal team, to enable the startup company to focus on marketing and refining customer service. The ultimate result is to utilize two teams, centered in the U.S. and Ukraine, and create around-the-clock production delivering technology swiftly and cost effectively.

Case Studies - Misterbandb

Strategic goals

  1. Find an outsourcing company capable of integrating with the existing misterb&b team to scale production and do it cost effectively as a startup.
  2. Create working protocols with the Onix team and the working team at misterb&b, led by Francois de Landes, VP of IT and Operations.
  3. Assemble a top notch team for misterb&b; highly experienced and able to absorb and understand the state of the existing technology.
  4. Resolve many small existing issues rapidly and introduce new technology upgrades at the same time.
  5. Program a mobile-first application that would enhance the quality of service and social connections between hosts and guests.
Case Studies - Misterbandb

Strategic solutions:

  1. Established a relationship with Alternative Spaces, featuring outsourcing at a StartOut event in San Francisco. Onix was tasked with presenting a team to meet clearly defined needs.
  2. Anthony Bazhuhin, an expert project manager and programmer, was assigned first. He worked with Francois at misterb&b to fully understand the scope of work.
  3. Anthony assembled an expert team of Ruby, IOS and Android developers. He traveled to Paris, to meet the existing technology team, and cemented their working relationship.
  4. With protocols in place, the team quickly worked through a backlog of issues and they simultaneously brought new technologies to market.
  5. The mobile applications were upgraded to be fast, responsive and easy-to-use for guests and hosts alike.
Case Studies - Misterbandb

The Result

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