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Overview: Over the past seven years, misterb&b has created the largest and most reputable LGBTQ+ travel service, offering one million accommodations in 200 countries. After successfully weathering Covid lockdowns, the demand for worldwide travel has returned stronger than ever, and misterb&b is expanding their operations. Throughout the challenges of building and growing an online company, Alternative Spaces has been their partner, fulfilling 100% of their technology needs. This is their story.

Their mission was to build an outsourced technology team, capable of working daily with an internal operations team, led by Francois de Landes, to enable the startup company to focus on marketing and refining customer service. The ultimate result was to utilize three teams, located in the U.S., France, and Ukraine to create around-the-clock production delivering technology swiftly and cost effectively.

Francois de Landes
VP IT and Operations, misterb&b
Andy Cramer, CEO of Alternative Spaces, and I have developed an extraordinary working relationship over the past five years.

He undoubtedly has our best interests in mind. Andy helped with our strategic scaling opportunities, sent us our CTO, with his marketplace experience suggested solutions to add inventory for available guest accommodations, and assisted us as we moved through COVID and the war with Russia.

Andy is in constant contact with me. He consistently adds his knowledge, expertise, contacts, and support to misterb&b’s benefit. I highly recommend working with him and his team. They will ensure you get the best programmers, that project milestones are completed on time without errors, and the benefit of his wisdom as a veteran CEO.
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Initial Strategic Challenges

  1. Finding an outsourcing company capable of integrating with the existing misterb&b team to scale technology production cost-effectively as a startup.
  2. Create working protocols with the Alternative Spaces and Onix team and the operations team at misterb&b, led by Francois de Landes, VP of IT and Operations.
  3. Alternative Spaces to evaluate the technology needs and assemble a top-notch team for misterb&b, highly experienced and able to absorb the needs of the existing technology.
  4. Resolve many small existing issues rapidly and introduce new technology upgrades at the same time.
  5. Program a mobile-first application that would enhance the quality of service and social connections between hosts and guests.

This was their first mobile-first application

Case Studies - Misterbandb

Initial Strategic Solutions:

  1. The misterb&b team established a relationship with Alternative Spaces, during a featured outsourcing StartOut event in San Francisco. Alternative Spaces tasked Onix to present a team to meet clearly defined needs.
  2. Anthony Bazhuhin, an expert project manager and programmer, was assigned to worked with Francois at misterb&b to fully understand the scope of work.
  3. Anthony assembled an expert team of Ruby, IOS and Android developers. He traveled to Paris, met the existing developers, and cemented their working relationship.
  4. With protocols in place, the Onix team replaced the developers in France, and quickly worked through a backlog of issues, and simultaneously brought new technologies to market.
  5. Native IOS and Android mobile applications were produced and introduced to be fast, responsive, and easy-to-use for guests and hosts alike.
Case Studies - Misterbandb

Stabilization and growth


Growing the company while surviving Covid


Refining the technology and social expansion


Alternative Spaces is proud of misterb&b and their close association and looks forward to many more years of strategic support and misterb&b’s growth.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you.

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