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Who Needs UX/UI Services?

Anybody who wishes to engage with the online community through the form of digital applications can benefit from UX/UI services. Even online advertisements and websites should be optimized for user experience, and can benefit from design optimization. Some of the benefits of UX/UI development services are listed below:

Why work with Alternative Spaces designers

UI/UX services are much more than simply using design tools professionally and acquiring knowledge in the latest technology. The best design process is based on developing user empathy and blending a cohesive architecture, content and colors together to achieve an impressive and innovative look. At Alternative Spaces we provide a full scope of design services:

The Alternative Spaces UX/UI Development Process

Perhaps you are looking to build an application from scratch, and need UX and UI developers to work with your product manager to optimize the application during the construction process. Maybe you are looking to redesign a preexisting application to improve the overall user experience. Our team is flexible, and we can work with you regardless of your specific requirements.

UX Services

Before our team begins working on optimizing the user interface design of your application, we first look to understand the broader underlying goals of the application within your organization. During this period, our UX developers will ask questions regarding the functional requirements of the application, along with the technical constraints within-which it must be developed.

Next, our UX developers will set off in conducting independent user research, creating user personas, conducting interviews, collecting user stories, and generating other forms of relevant data. This will be used to determine the optimized ‘flow’ of the application.

Our UX developers have worked with organizations across numerous industries, and have analyzed user application usage patterns in various markets in order to generate actionable insights. By pairing your organizational objectives with our user findings, we then look to analyze the available user data in order to finalize our recommendations.

When analyzing data, our UX experts look at task-oriented metrics that show the users actual experience on the application, rather than simple marketing metrics. This analysis allows our team to determine areas which need to be examined as potential user ‘drop points,’ and other areas to be optimized.

Finally, our team takes all of these findings, and generates a series of optimized application wireframes to be considered by your product team. We will work closely with you to ensure that the final design flow is aligned with your organizational goals. In short, you could say that our UX developers are actually ‘Interaction designers,’ in that their only goal is to ensure that each interaction the user has with your application will satisfy their needs, while providing a positive experience throughout.

UI Services

At Alternative Spaces, our UI developers work closely with our UX developers to bring the finding laid out in the wireframes to life. Each visual design element of the application is meticulously laid out by our graphic designers, according to the optimal product interface experience. This product design process will be conducted according to the exact agreed upon specifications laid out in the UX design plan.

Our UI developers are capable of designing entire new applications, or revamping pre-existing designs, depending on your specific needs. Similarly, our designers are capable of working with mobile or web applications, and can customize a complete suite of applications.

The final step in the Alternative Spaces UX/UI development process is the front-end development of the application itself. This involves taking the information architecture and design schematics, and coding it into a highly functional device-agnostic application.

Our UX/UI developers are proficient in HTML, CSS, and Java Script; and can work with your organizational engineers to construct the application according to your technical requirements. Utilizing the most up to date technology, we ensure that the design is converted into a functioning code at the pixel level.

Our services don’t end there! Before we hand over the finished application, we help train your product development team in monitoring the effectiveness of the new app, using the predefined metrics specified by our UX specialists. This allows your team to measure the effectiveness of the optimized design, and identify and future areas for improvement as new functionality requirements arise.

Whether you require UX/UI development services for a website, mobile application, web app, ecommerce application, or any other digital application; our team of technological consultants can walk you through the entire process. Alternative Spaces has worked with numerous clients in the past in the development of various digital applications, and our portfolio speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to UX/UI development, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your unique organizational goals are achieved.

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